enjoei was born esg before these three letters gained such meaning. we believe that rethinking consumption is not an option: it is the only way forward.

we are a technology company that has the largest online platform for intermediating used items in Brazil as a peer to peer model. our activity does not involve the extraction, intensive use or industrialization of natural resources, and there is no direct emission of greenhouse gases on a large scale.

we encourage the idea that whatever is no longer being used can be sold and get a new life with other people. this c2c circular economy benefits the entire chain. the seller wins, pocketing the money; the buyer wins, with affordable prices; and our planet wins, through the reduction in the production of new items.

we incentivize the habit of reuse used items and a new way of consumption, more conscious and circular, in line with SDG 12 of the UN 2030 agenda. the recent study about the secondhand fashion market in Brazil, built jointly by the boston consulting group with enjoei, offers more visibility on this new way of consuming and presents a portrait of the different profiles and motivations of consumers: the (re)discovery of secondhand fashion in Brazil.


internally, diversity has been one of our priorities. we created an internal committee to discuss how to increase representation of all ethnicities, ages, genders and people with disabilities among our employees and in our platform. we believe that this multiplicity brings enormous creative power.

all items received at enjoei pro that are not eligible for sale are donated with the consent of their owners. last year our users donated over 120,000 pieces to charities.

we are listed on the “novo mercado”, b3’s highest level of transparency and corporate governance. our governance report can be accessed here.

we believe that to be grounded in esg is making sure that none of this is enough. the situation is still not good. we know that we still have a lot to improve, and that is why we will continue down this path.

no fanfare, no publicity, just the reassurance that we are taking the right steps, one after another.