enjoei was launched as esg before these three letters started to cause such a stir in the market. we believe that rethinking consumption is not an option: it is the only way forward.

we encourage the idea that whatever is not being used can be sold and get a new life with others. this circular economy, of consumer to consumer, benefits every chain. the seller wins, pocketing the money; the buyer wins, with affordable prices; and our planet wins, through the reduction in the production of new items.

stimulating diversity has been one of our priorities. we have created an internal committee, which meets every fifteen days to discuss how to increase the representation of all classes, races, genders and people with special needs among the employees working in our stores. we believe that the more diverse we are, the better we will be.

we are listed on the novo mercado stock exchange, that demands the highest level of transparency and governance on the b3.

we donate: every item that arrives at the enjoei pro store not marked for sale is donated, with the consent of its owner. in the last two years, our users have donated 150,000 items to charitable institutions.

we believe that to be grounded in esg is to be sure that none of this is enough. the situation is still not good. we know that we still have a lot to improve, and that is why we will continue down this path.

no fanfare, no publicity, just the reassurance that we are taking the right steps, one after another.