ownership breakdown

the capital stock is composed of 198,362,728 common shares.

Shareholders Number of Shares %
administrators  39,034,290 19.72%
Treasury shares 0,0%
Shareholders with 5% or more 45,610,124 23,20%
Aram LLC 12,690,495 6.49%
absoluto 12,009,393 6.07%
bessemer 10,880,808 5.57%
dynamo 10,029,428 5.07%
Other shareholders 113,718,314 57,08%
Total 198,362,728 100.0%

*Ref: december, 2021

  • this information is available in more detail in item 15 of the Company’s Reference Form.
  • any person, company or group of people acting together or representing the same interest that acquires or disposes either direct or indirect participation corresponding to 5% (five percent) or more in type or class of shares representing the capital of a publicly held company, shall inform the company about the equity holding change, according to the Brazilian Securities Law.